A creative essay about my eleven month old puppy

This week I found your website and was impressed by the training skills and classes you offer. The video with Bronco going to the bank made me laugh.

A creative essay about my eleven month old puppy

When we come home, they will be happy to lie around, be calm, and be mostly well-behaved. Since the dogs have each other, there will be less need for us to play with them, walk them, or otherwise keep them engaged. Reality however, is quite different from this idyllic picture.


In my experience, having two dogs is a lot more work than having just one, especially in the beginning. My dogs amp each other up, get more excited together, and lead each other into more trouble than before.

Make sure that you have good control over your first dog, and that he is mostly well behaved. Siberian Husky puppy Shania. I waited for over 1 year before getting another dog. Only get a second dog when we have good control over our first dog, and have ensured that he is mostly well behaved.

During the first year, I was very tempted to get another dog, as a way to keep my hyperactive Shiba Inu company.

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Now, I am very glad that I did not do so until both Shiba and I were ready. Having two hyperactive dogs, that were mostly out of control, would have been very stressful for everyone involved.

In addition, issues may arise with the new dog.

A creative essay about my eleven month old puppy

For example, puppy Shania had issues with her leg, had to go through multiple surgeries, and a leg amputation. I do not think I would have been able to deal with all that, if my other dog were misbehaving at the same time. I had to spend a lot of time with Shania during her recovery, and did not have as much time for my other dog, but he was totally ok with that for about 5 months.

Therefore, give yourself enough of a time, energy, and financial buffer.

A creative essay about my eleven month old puppy

If you are starting to feel like you have way too much free time, and that your first dog is sleeping too much, then it may be time to get another.

How to Pick a Second Dog Enjoying a hike in the hills. What type of dog should we get? In general, we want to get a dog that has slightly lower energy than we do, and that will enjoy the types of activities that we enjoy. In addition to all that, a second dog will also have to get along and fit in with the temperament, lifestyle, and play style of our existing dog.

Size of second dog. My resident dog, Shiba Sephy, has a high energy play style. As a result, he frequently overwhelms smaller dogs, and they usually stay away from him during play sessions. He has most fun playing with larger, more boisterous dogs.

His favorite breed during supervised play groups, is the Pit Bull Terrier. I carefully observe my dog while he is playing, and try to identify the types of dogs that he likes interacting with most.

High-energy, wrestling, play style. Temperament of second dog. Siberian Shania — Even more goofy than Shiba Sephy. Husky Shania is food focused and good at obedience.

Being a Shiba Inu, Sephy does not do well with dominant dogs.I have an eleven month old Pitt bull puppy and we where going out for our nightly walk as usual and he always greets people who we come across except for tonight we came across a guy and his girlfriend who was about I’d say 30 feet away from us and he started bearing his teeth and growling and he never did that before and the guy made a snide comment that all Pitts are born bad and I said it.

For a second dog, I made sure to get a puppy that was more submissive in nature. I have been debating on getting a second dog.

My existing dog is a deaf year old, male, JRT mix who has no idea he is deaf lol. - I don't know if I lucked out or not but my 6 month old Sammy is extremely calm for a Shiba.

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