Accounting malpractice and its effects on you and your business

It is a weird feeling, right? Advertisement Consequently, we work hard to try to please all clients. Losing a client, however, pales in comparison to that emptiness in the gut you will get when a process server delivers a complaint against you and your firm.

Accounting malpractice and its effects on you and your business

Our team of experienced attorneys has successfully represented clients throughout Florida against attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and other professionals who failed to adhere to the accepted standards of care in their respective professions.

If you have suffered a loss due to legal malpractice or professional negligence, our attorneys can evaluate your legal options and develop a strategy to recover compensation for your harm. Because our attorney malpractice and professional liability lawyers represent clients on a contingency-fee Accounting malpractice and its effects on you and your businessyou will only pay a fee if we successfully make a recovery in your case.

For a free, no-obligation consultation with our accomplished professional liability attorneys, complete our contact form or call us at Legal Malpractice Attorneys An attorney commits legal malpractice by failing to exercise due care in handling your legal matter or otherwise failing to practice law in accordance with the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct.

In order to have a valid claim for legal malpractice, the attorney must have acted negligently or otherwise violated the standard of care that attorneys owe to clients under Florida law.

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Our Florida legal malpractice attorneys can help determine if you have a valid claim and explain the options that may be available to you. If these efforts do not produce a favorable resolution, we will then file and prosecute a legal malpractice lawsuit against the lawyer or lawyers whose negligence has caused you harm.

Common Types of Legal Malpractice Attorney negligence and legal malpractice can occur in either a litigation or transactional context, and in all areas of the law, including personal injury, commercial litigation, land use, real estate, corporate, tax, probate and estate, and contract drafting.

Common examples of attorney malpractice include: Missed Statute of Limitations If a lawyer makes a mistake concerning the statutes of limitations in your case, it could be grounds for a legal malpractice claim. Failure to file a claim within the statute of limitations can be caused by numerous legal errors, including an attorney failing to identify and sue the correct defendant, not properly investigating a claim, not conducting timely and effective discovery, failing to properly serve process on the defendant, or simply miscalculating the date that the statute elapsed.

If an attorney fails to notify a client of a settlement offer or gives inappropriate advice, it can be grounds for a claim for legal malpractice. Common situations that lead to improper settlements include unauthorized settlements, forcing a client to settle a claim, failing to notify a client of a settlement offer, or settling too early to cover up attorney errors.

The Florida Rules of Professional Responsibility precludes an attorney from being opposed to a former client in a related case or to utilize information from a previous representation against a former client.

Similarly, attorneys cannot represent two parties whose interests are opposed to one another.

Accounting malpractice and its effects on you and your business

Conflicts of interest can also arise when attorneys have a business relationship with their clients. Document and Drafting Errors Attorney errors often involve the filing or drafting of documents.

Accounting malpractice and its effects on you and your business

Your attorney should know which documents or forms to file and be able to competently draft legal documents. Common examples of document-related mistakes include drafting errors in business agreements or contracts, failing to respond to motions or missing filing deadlines, failing to execute documents or contracts, and errors in settlement agreements.

Failure to Investigate and Perform Discovery An attorney can commit legal malpractice by failing to properly investigate the facts of a case or complete thorough discovery. Some examples of inadequate investigation include not requesting all relevant documents from your opponents, disregarding a witness that could strengthen your case, allowing important discovery deadlines to pass, or not following up on negative facts.

Other Attorney Malpractice In addition to the types of attorney negligence discussed above, our Florida legal malpractice lawyers also represent clients that have been harmed due to their attorneys: In general, attorney fee arrangements should be agreed upon in a written contract before the lawyer begins working on your case or legal matter.

If you believe you have been overcharged by your lawyer or billed for legal work not actually performed, we may be able to help you obtain compensation or other relief through a legal malpractice lawsuit.

Florida Accounting Malpractice Attorneys Accounting malpractice occurs when accountants make an error, omission, or deviation from accepted accounting principles, which financially damages their client. Accountants usually have malpractice insurance to cover any damages their errors or negligent actions cause; consequently, it is important to consult an attorney that is familiar with accountant liability and prosecuting malpractice insurance claims.

Accountant negligence and accounting malpractice lawsuits can be complicated depending on the technicalities of the case and the rules which can defer state to state. Our Florida accounting malpractice attorneys have years of experience about the principles of filing an accounting malpractice lawsuit and can help you understand all the steps in the process.

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In fact, several of our attorneys have MBAs or worked for financial organizations prior to practicing law with the Business Trial Group. Our experienced business attorneys understand complex financial issues and regularly work with leading accounting experts to recover the maximum amount of damages available for our clients.

Common Accountant Malpractice Lawsuits Accounting malpractice can occur in a multitude of different situations. GAAS requires auditors to maintain independence, exercise professional care, perform diligently, report any misleading statements, and receive adequate training.

Similarly, GAAP defines how CPA firms and corporations must prepare financial statements, including presenting business income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

Depending on the facts of a particular case, accountants can be liable to not only the firm that they are performing services for, but also other businesses or individuals that relied on their audits to their detriment.

Below are some common examples of accounting malpractice: Filing improper tax returns and tax errors that result in penalties Giving improper advice regarding tax, liability, or corporate restructuring Manipulating financial statements or incorrect reports to stockholders or partners Wrongful certification or failure to properly audit financial statements Improper maintenance of records and financial ledgers Failure to detect fraud and embezzlement Accountant overbilling or conflicts of interest Aiding tax evasion, fraud, or embezzlement Incorrect business evaluations Our Florida attorneys frequently represent businesses and high-net-worth individuals in these and other accountant malpractice cases; we also serve corporate board members and officers, trustees of non-profits and philanthropic organizations, shareholders, creditors, bankruptcy trustees, and estates and trusts.

Florida Insurance Agent Malpractice Attorneys Due to the complexity of the insurance market, with its ever-increasing variety of coverage and pricing combinations, businesses and individuals often rely on the advice of insurance agents and insurance brokers to select the proper policy.

Often times, agents or brokers will identify the risks the insured may face, address potential coverage gaps, and suggest the amount and type of coverage needed. When insurance agents or insurance brokers fail to competently perform these duties, it can leave their insured with significant financial damages, but little or no insurance coverage.

Our accomplished attorneys can help you file a lawsuit to recover damages when insurance agents of brokers fail to fulfill their duties and properly protect you and your family, your home, or your business. Through an insurance broker malpractice lawsuit, the insured can recover damages in the amount of coverage they would have received had the proper policy been in place.

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Consequently, even if the insured received some coverage for the underlying loss, the insured can still recover the difference between their coverage and what they should have received if they had been correctly insured.

Types of Insurance Agent Malpractice Lawsuits All of our attorneys are experienced at litigating a wide variety of cases regarding homeowners insurance, general liability insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and various kinds of policies.Accounting Education 8 The knowledge of the effects of electoral malpractice would be beneficial to the general population (electorate) in Nigeria and Abaji area council of the FCT in particular.

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The letter should include your name, your position, your rate of pay, the number of hours you normally work, and the number of hours or days you missed following the accident. The letter need not indicate whether you took sick leave, vacation time, or a leave of absence.

For instance, a term paper on accounting scandals wouldn't only present an overview of misconduct in the accounting world, but also explain what the illegal practices were, how those practices were executed, why those practices are illegal, the effects of that malpractice on the business world, and other similar topics that push beyond.

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