An overview of china entry into the world trade organization

Copyright Back to top During the Uruguay Round negotiations, it was recognized that the Berne Convention already, for the most part, provided adequate basic standards of copyright protection.

An overview of china entry into the world trade organization

As a result, with 1. Pressured by other ministries and dissenting customers, the Chinese government officially started the telecom industry reforms in by introducing a new competitor: China Unicom could hardly compete with the giant China Telecom.

The MII took two large scale reshuffling actions targeting the inefficient state-monopoly. China Mobile and China Satcom were created to run, respectively, the mobile and satellite sectors but China Telecom continued to be a monopoly of fixed-line services.

An overview of china entry into the world trade organization

The second restructuring in split China Telecom geographically into north and south: Parallel to this double fission, the telecommunications division of the Ministry of Railways MOR established a new actor in To sum up, the Chinese telecom industry has changed from a state-run monopolistic structure to state-run oligopolistic structure.

With the rapid development and serious competition, Chinese telecom operators face challenges on shrinking landline users, too rapid growth on mobile business, low profit services and great gaps among the carriers.

The third revolution was to combine six main telecom operators into three, aiming of developing 3G business and full telecom services, and avoiding monopolistic and over competition.

Regulatory environment[ edit ] The MII is responsible, among other duties, for elaborating regulations, allocating resources, granting licenses, supervising the competition, promoting research and development and service quality as well as for developing tariff rates.

Sincethe Cyberspace Administration of China is responsible for setting policy and the regulatory framework for user content generated in online social activities on Internet portals. Only foreign equipment vendors were allowed to invest in China. There are some geographical limits to this opening but they will be progressively relaxed.

Market overview[ edit ] As of MarchChina has Premium SMS connectivity is allowing entrepreneurs and established businesses to profit from revenue taken directly from users' monthly phone bills or pre-paid credit. Chinese operators are often cautious in purchasing cutting-edge technologies.

It consists of a wireless local loop that provides access to the fixed-line network. Mobile phone industry in China As ofthe telecom operators in China are exclusively Chinese: The State has control and majority ownership of all of them.

Most of them are financed in Hong Kong. China Telecom is one of the largest telecommunication SOE in China, including 31 semi-autonomous [11] provincial enterprises in mainland China.

It runs land-line and mobile phone networks, operates PAS system and provides telecom network-based voice, data, multimedia and information services. It ranks the first in the world in terms of network scale and customer base.

The company offers mobile phone services, operates domestic and international landline network, and provides broadband multimedia services and IP telephony and value-added services. China Netcom was acquired by China Unicom in October China Satcom was licensed to engage in all kind of satellite related services such as transponder lease, domestic television broadcasting, public Very Small Antenna Aperture VSAT communications, video conferencingdata broadcastingIP telephony and satellite based high-speed Internet access.

The rest of the assets including the company would be acquired by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. China TieTongformerly affiliated with the national rail network, is a smaller operator that merged with China Mobile in May China Voice Holdings Corp is also licensed to engage in video conferencingdata broadcastingIP telephony and satellite based high-speed Internet access and is the largest corporation in conjunction with foreign owned corporations which hold many of the state run contracts for the Chinese government.

A large number of Chinese companies compete now with foreign corporations not only in the Chinese market but also in other countries.

This can be a market of billions of U.China enters the World Trade Organization on December 11, The entry will set the Chinese economy on an irreversible capitalist course, including economic liberalization, the opening of world's largest consumer market, and the phasing out of trade barriers.

China has outmaneuvered the United States in recent years, particularly with regard to trade, says President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

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In a speech announcing his candidacy, the Republican. China-U.S. Trade Issues Congressional Research Service 1 Introduction Economic and trade reforms begun in have helped transform China into one of the world’s. China has had a remarkable period of rapid growth shifting from a centrally planned to a market based economy.

Today, China is an upper middle-income country that has complex development needs, where the Bank continues to play an important development role.

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