An overview of the issue of the rising sea level

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An overview of the issue of the rising sea level

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has set up a page to track global climate change. On the key indicators page you can see the changes between the sea level rise rates of and the right chart showing to present.

In consideration of known forcings and current understanding of feedback mechanisms it is estimated that this rate shall continue to increase as climate forcing increases and feedback mechanisms come into play. SLR is estimated to have risen at least 6 inches since SLR is estimated to have risen at least 2 inches since At the current rate we have seen a 50mm 5 cm sea level rise since The current rate is 3.

Many media articles and weblogs suggested there is good news on the sea level issue, with future sea level rise expected to be a lot less compared to the previous IPCC report the Third Assessment Report, TAR. Some articles reported that IPCC had reduced its sea level projection from 88 cm to 59 cm 35 inches to 23 inchessome even said it was reduced from 88 cm to 43 cm 17 inchesand there were several other versions as well see "Broad Irony".

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These statements are not correct and the new range up to 59 cm is not the full story. Models used to date do not include uncertainties in climate-carbon cycle feedback nor do they include the full effects of changes in ice sheet flow, because a basis in published literature is lacking.

The projections include a contribution due to increased ice flow from Greenland and Antarctica at the rates observed forbut these flow rates could increase or decrease in the future.

An overview of the issue of the rising sea level

For example, if this contribution were to grow linearly with global average temperature change, the upper ranges of 10sea level rise for SRES scenarios shown in Table SPM-3 would increase by 0. Larger values cannot be excluded, but understanding of these effects is too limited to assess their likelihood or provide a best estimate or an upper bound for sea level rise.

The Case For at least. A semi-empirical relation is presented that connects global sea-level rise to global mean surface temperature. It is proposed that, for time scales relevant to anthropogenic warming, the rate of sea-level rise is roughly proportional to the magnitude of warming above the temperatures of pre—Industrial holocene.

This holds to good approximation for temperature and sea-level changes during the 20th century, with a proportionality constant of 3.

Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All Copy link to clipboard Water expands as it warms, causing global sea levels to rise; melting of land-based ice also raises sea level by adding water to the oceans. Over the past century, global average sea level has risen by about 8 inches.
- Sea Level Rise Research Summary (last update 4/) — OSS Foundation In Pinellas, as sea-level rise reaches three to four feet, major chunks of the barrier islands will be lost. In central Florida, Lake Monroe, far inland, swells to absorb connected lakes.
Climate - Conservation International With the resulting recession, many governments of the wealthiest nations in the world have resorted to extensive bail-out and rescue packages for the remaining large banks and financial institutions while imposing harsh austerity measures on themselves.
TIPPING POINTS: Global sea level rise on faster pace than expected. Before delving into the recent Nerem et al.

When applied to future warming scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this relationship results in a projected sea-level rise in of 0.

On the basis of climate modeling and analogies with past conditions, the potential for multimeter increases in sea level by the end of the 21st century has been proposed.

We consider glaciological conditions required for large sea-level rise to occur by and conclude that increases in excess of 2 meters are physically untenable.

We find that a total sea-level rise of about 2 meters by could occur under physically possible glaciological conditions but only if all variables are quickly accelerated to extremely high limits.

More plausible but still accelerated conditions lead to total sea-level rise by of about 0. These roughly constrained scenarios provide a "most likely" starting point for refinements in sea-level forecasts that include ice flow dynamics.Adapting to Rising Sea Levels discusses the ways in which the structure of the United States' legal system shapes adaptation.

Written to be accessible to a broad audience, the book provides the necessary background on the science of sea level rise and the basic legal principles that animate decision-making in the coastal zone, including the takings doctrine.

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Sep 20,  · The potential future effects of global climate change include more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms. It has been suggested that this article be split into articles titled Damp (structural), Condensation (dampness), Penetrating damp and Rising damp (structural).() (July provides insights into global issues that may be misrepresented but are all closely related.

List of topics covered include social, political, economic and environmental issues, including human rights, economy, trade, globalization, poverty, environment and health related issues.

by Judith Curry. Part IV of the Climate Etc. series on sea level rise focuses on the satellite era (since ), including the recent causes of sea level variations and arguments regarding the acceleration (or not) of recent sea level rise.

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