An overview threats and crimes of the isis

A jihadist organization that aims to form an Islamic state caliphate over the region stretching from Turkey, to Syria, to Egypt, to Jordan and to Lebanon, if not beyond. Where did it come from? The group, formed circahas had many names and iterations, including, most recently, as al-Qaeda in Iraq AQI.

An overview threats and crimes of the isis

By throwing them into jail for allegedly "supporting terrorism. He appears to be the bravest MP who has exposed ISIS activities across Turkey during his tenure and has often urged the ruling Justice and Development Party AKP government to stop these activities and bring the perpetrators to account.

Erdem meticulously cited evidence from criminal cases, indictments and investigations by state authorities as well as news reports in his statements and parliamentary motions. The prosecutor started an investigation on this.

UN Panel Reports on ISIS Crimes on Yezidis | Human Rights Watch

The suspects who carried out the transfer were arrested and jailed. Upon the order of the prosecutor, the telephones of all suspects were wiretapped, the details of which are in this indictment But within a week, the case was closed, the suspects were released and allowed to leave Turkey to cross the border to Syria.

I provided them with a document Because they are disturbed by me. I have exposed their filths and exploitation of religion in my books I have received more than a thousand death threats.

My email address is filed with death threats If something happens to me, the pro-government media and AKP deputies are responsible. These cell houses are monitored [by state authorities] The information gained from technical surveillance on these cells has confirmed that ISIS is organized in Turkey.

Where are the police forces? Why are these men not in jail?

An Overview of ISIS - Islamic Networks Group (ING)

The government knows this. But no police or military operation has been carried out on anywhere including the printing house of this magazine. He also called on the parliament to open a commission to investigate ISIS activities in Turkey, but the call was rejected by the votes of the ruling AKP party.

There would be no cell left. Because we know the addresses of these cells. We learn them from the police But there has been no police operation against them. This is not neglect.

An Overview of ISIS | Bipartisan Policy Center First Attack October 28,
Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. Contact UsContact Us Yahoo! Born from an especially brutal al Qaeda faction, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS has grown from relative obscurity in recent years to overshadow its extremist patrons.
Who is ISIS and where did it come from? They should consider establishing mechanisms to address the needs of victims, including but not limited to reparations. On December 31,two suicide bombers blew themselves up in a central market of Baghdad, killing at least 25 people and wounding 50, according to Iraqi police.

This is cooperation [with ISIS]. He added that he was provided with security guards by the governor as a precaution to death threats.

An overview threats and crimes of the isis

Eren Erdem at a June press conference. Eren Erdem video screenshot In Mayan Islamist association demanded prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant against Erdem. He then received a ban on going abroad as he was about to leave Turkey for Germany with his family on May On June 26, he was arrested in Istanbul.But to Human Rights Watch’s knowledge, no criminal justice authorities in KRI or the rest of Iraq are investigating or prosecuting ISIS members for war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The latest victim of this crackdown is Eren Erdem, a former deputy of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), who is known for his activities to expose the crimes of ISIS .

Despite ISIS’s territorial losses, security officials expect ISIS to remain a threat and lead an ongoing insurgency in the region. The Islamic State (IS), also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL) is a Salafi-Jihadist militant organization in Syria and Iraq whose goal is the establishment and expansion of a caliphate.

An overview threats and crimes of the isis

The group has its origins in the early s, when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi began training. Recent car and suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) targeting crowded markets and hospitals in Baghdad amount to crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch said today.

Threat to the Homeland. Michael Leiter, the former director of the National Counterterrorism Center and now an NBC News analyst: “Khorasan is less of a threat to the region and more of a threat to the U.S.

homeland than ISIS Unlike ISIS, the Khorasan group’s focus is not on overthrowing the Assad regime.

UN Panel Reports on ISIS Crimes on Yezidis | Human Rights Watch