Chinese world order

March 17, Ignorance by Content and Omission - No thinking person should take any government at its word, especially this one.

Chinese world order

All rights reserved worldwide. Examples for the interpretation of the data: Tallying the number of speakers of the world's languages is an increasingly complex task, particularly with the push in many countries to teach English in their public schools. How many people can actually use the global language?

David Graddol estimated a total of million L1 first or native language plus L2 second or nth language speakers of English in his Future of English Report pdf document for the British Council.

One of our subscribers, Prof.


Martin Schell, has reviewed Prof. Braj Kachru's new book Asian Englishes which claims that India and China combined have over half a billion "users" of English.

Indeed, many people are bilingual or multilingual, but here we assign only one language per person in order to have all the language totals add up to the total world population zero-sum approach.

No adjustments have been made for infants or illiteracy in the Internet penetration rate calculations. Regarding children, most are early Internet adopters when and where children are given the chance to use a computer to surf the Web.

Another very interesting fact is that the six official languages of the United Nations Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish are all included in the above Top Ten Internet languages table.The Chinese World Order looks at the country's ambitious efforts to reshape global economics.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund may no longer be the most influential players in international finance. In , the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was born as a means of financing a revolutionary infrastructure project /10(41).


Overseas Chinese or Chinese diaspora (traditional Chinese: 海外華人; simplified Chinese: 海外华人; pinyin: Hǎiwài Huárén) are people of Chinese birth or descent who live outside the People's Republic of China (the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau) or Republic of China (Taiwan).

They can be of the Han Chinese ethnic majority, or from any of the other ethnic groups in China. What kind of world order will China be committed to building? This is a topic of global concern, and one which Chinese scholars need to ponder and answer.

A Chinese world order. Loans from China helped Uganda build a speedy new road to its main airport. (Reuters) By Jonathan Hillman. July For some time now, the establishment of the World Bank and IMF has had a Chinese counterpart: AIIB, which China intends to use to finance a huge infrastructure project to .

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Chinese world order

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