Common law and statute law essay

We are studying what we shall want in order to appear before judges, or to advise people in such a way as to keep them out of court.

Common law and statute law essay

Standler By way of introduction, I: My experience means that I personally understand the importance of protecting intellectual property rights of authors and programmers by using copyright law. I shall personally do all work on my client's case or problem, so that my client gets the full benefit of my education and experience.

My homepage at www. My Essays About Copyright Law Essays on this website are provided only to provide general information and to communicate my personal comments on interesting topics in law, technology, and society.

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Common law and statute law essay

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Copyrights are part of intellectual property law, and are intended to not only give authors control over their work, but also provide an economic reward to authors through licensing fees or royalties.

The use of photocopy machines since the mids and the development of the Internet since the mids has led to a culture of widespread copyright infringement.

My essay on moral rights of authors discusses legal rights granted to authors in France, Germany, Italy, and other countries, but which are absent from law in the USA.

I argue that the term "moral rights" is a misnomer and that copyright law in the USA should be expanded to include at least the moral right of attribution. My long essay on plagiarism in colleges in the USA discusses legal aspects and academic policy.

In Junethe U. Supreme Court in Dastar ended the use of trademark law i. My essay on plagiarism discusses Dastar and the problems caused by Dastar. My essay traces the history of copyright for law in the USA, and explains the recent rise of public-domain citation formats for judicial opinions.

If a work is registered with the U. Copyright Office before infringement occurs, and if the copyright owner wins copyright infringement litigation, then the judge may order the infringer to reimburse the copyright owner's reasonable attorney's fees.

My essay emphasizes law in the Second, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits. I also include a discussion of "reasonable" attorney's fees, mostly from cases in the U.This essay shows that this breadth of disagreement arises from a more fundamental disagreement over the legal basis for the doctrine, with judges, lawyers and academics deeply divided over whether the doctrine is based on judicially fabricated common law or a specific statute.

copyright for neither ideas nor facts It is a fundamental rule of copyright law that ideas are not protected by essay traces the history of the rule, including the reasons given by judges for this rule.

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Common Law in Australia - Common law is the law made by judges when deciding a certain case before the court. The reasoning the judge applies becomes a precedent, to be followed by other lower courts in future matters of similarity.

Philosophy of law: Philosophy of law, branch of philosophy that investigates the nature of law, especially in its relation to human values, attitudes, practices, and political communities.

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Traditionally, philosophy of law proceeds by articulating and defending propositions about law that are general and.

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