Rhetorical analysis of pepsi ad


Rhetorical analysis of pepsi ad

We tend to focus on what is being showed to us rather than how we feel about the certain objects. Many companies and manufacturers use advertisements that will focus on a certain age group and use pictures or facts that people of that age would be interested in. This Pepsi ad is a rather interesting way the company chose to persuade an audience into buying their product.

In this case Pepsi, the soft drink company, is focusing on rather young audience. As mentioned before, focusing on a specific age group or style of group is more effective in getting more customers for the product.

In this case the ad has youthful people whom seem to be enjoying themselves while doing a variety of activities. Ethos is the appeal to the credibility of the speaker or in this case, Pepsi.

This makes the intended audience believe that they could have happy and enjoyable lives if they drink Pepsi. I believe that the targeted audience for this advertisement is people in the age range of 15 to 30 year old.

Of course younger and older people could be persuaded but in reality their biggest customers from this ad will be their targeted audience.

The next of the three appeals that this advertisement touches on is pathos. This phrase helps by making people feel like they can only live in the moment and have fun by drinking Pepsi.

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Also everyone in the ad has smiles on their faces and they look good. This gives off a happy vibe that makes people want to purchase soft drinks even more.

This appeal deals with reasoning. Eventually the kids tried to have a dance off against some teenagers but it never happens due to the fact that MJ interfered. After he showed up everyone started dancing together and MJ started to sing how the new generation of kids should drink Pepsi.

In my opinion I feel that ethos in this commercial is quite similar to the still ad; the only difference is the targeted audience. In other words he said that the kids should drink Pepsi to become the best generation.

If you were to see the commercial you would soon realize that almost all people are dancing and enjoying themselves while drinking Pepsi. This is similar to the still add mentioned earlier. I feel like this is an advertisement strategy that is used in a variety of different commercials. Also in a coca cola study they concluded that kids are more easily influenced than adults Zinkhan, LaTour, and LaTour According to their mission statement they plan on being the premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages.

Popular Topics According to PepsiCo, the product necessary to fully address the needs of those who lack energy is Diet Pepsi Max.
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However, not all of them reach their targets and are as effective as expected.


I feel, from the shorten mission statement, that they have been able to accomplish everything they wanted to do. Even though they have been successful they plan on being the top producer in their business.

Something inside of us makes us view things and analyze them to fall under certain categories that we find most interesting.

Rhetorical analysis of pepsi ad

We subconsciously make decisions about the object being presented and if we like it, we choose to buy it. Now we can think about these things before we pull out our wallet.Rhetorical Analysis Of Pepsi Ad  Rhetorical Analysis Often times we don’t really think about the things that we see and how they are presented to We tend to focus on what is being showed to us rather than how we feel about the certain objects.

PepsiCo’s Diet Pepsi Max advertisement is a very powerful, convincing, and exciting television commercial that identifies a large market need and uses rhetorical analysis to convince the viewer of the value of the Diet Pepsi Max product.

Rhetorical Analysis of a Nike Ad Nike ads are designed to appeal to people interested in sports. However, they appeal to a broader target audience and the reason is their use of creativity and imagination.

Selling Skinny: A Rhetorical Analysis of Diet Pepsi’s Skinny Can Campaign In a society where being thin is the latest fashion statement, advertisers have established an important marketing strategy: skinny sells. Nov 16,  · Pepsi's public apology to Kendall Jenner for her role in the soda giant's ill-fated commercial has triggered even more backlash.

In this still ad there isn’t a strong showing of logos, besides the fact that everyone in the ad is having fun doing certain activities while supposedly drinking Pepsi. The Pepsi commercial I chose to analysis was made in featuring Michael Jackson (MJ).

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