Romeo and juliet annotated biboliography

Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. We discussed the images and the music choices to communicate a message. They could research the missing words by looking at the small copy of the poem I had them glue into their notebooks.

Romeo and juliet annotated biboliography

As I began to research different studies regarding how and why other educators have used this genre in their classrooms, I began to take into consideration what type of graphic novel would be most valuable for the advancement of my future students.

Questions came into my mind as I wondered about the Romeo and juliet annotated biboliography students face today in ELA classrooms. For example, what are some of the predetermined texts students have to study in high school? Moreover, which text would profit from the teaching of it in graphic novel form?

As I considered these and other lingering questions, I realized many classical texts could benefit from the graphic novel genre as students often struggle when reading older forms of English, and many times students have difficulty drawing meaning from those texts.

The vocabulary is not the only cause of disconnect students have with different forms of the English language.

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Often students struggle with Shakespearean syntax because people simply do not talk the same way as they once did. Students need enhanced forms of teaching to prevent disconnects from classical English literature, and with the addition of graphics or pictures, students can connect the missing pieces.

Graphic novels can help students gain a better understanding of classical literature through either Burgess 2 a supplementation for or replacement of the classical text in the ELA classroom. As this text would be on the sacred book list for most any 9th-grade ELA classroom, I feel it would be easier to receive grant funding for it than other graphic novels.

The adaptation chosen is my personal preference because it is written with all thoughts and dialogue in the original Shakespearean text. The graphic novel could be an addition to an original play version as a way for students to see the scenes, or could benefit from a standalone text because this would allow students to see visual renditions of the scenes and analyze the graphics rather than trying to visualize what is happening.

The original text is beneficial in schools because students language skills can be enhanced through the acquisition of older versions of English, and the graphic images portray scenes that adequately depict Elizabethan time dress and scene settings.

The text I have chosen to research sources for is a well-bound graphic novel with heavy pages, which would allow the text yearly use without suffering much wear. Another problem is keeping the graphic texts in readable condition.

Many graphic texts are printed on paper that is not very durable, and they are often not bound very well.

Romeo and juliet annotated biboliography

Therefore, they easily fall apart, and the pages fall out Rice My research into graphic text has uncovered various forms within the genre, but for this text the ones I am focusing on are the graphic novel, the comic, and storyboards because they can be useful for helping students understand the format and narrative style of this graphic novel.

Among other topics, my research has helped me to understand the importance of visual literacy and multimodal texts in classrooms with multiple abilities.

The graphics help ELLs [English Language Learners] connect unfamiliar vocabulary and syntax to an action or scene within a given panel. Like ELLs, students with lower reading levels or students uninterested in reading are also able to benefit from the graphic images as they process the information they are reading more quickly thanks to the supporting images.

One form of graphic text that could be very beneficial is that of the comic because it is a shorter length with simpler text.

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Graphic novels, on the other hand, can vary in length and reading level. For my research project, I am examining sources which would support my endeavors towards teaching Romeo and Juliet in a graphic novel form. This text is published with all original text so those who may be opposed to changing the format of the book might be more open to it because of the fact it would be in the Shakespearean language as originally written.

The graphic novel is set up with panels and gutters leading the reader across the pages through images, text bubble dialogue, and background narration. The application of these three elements are essential to understanding because they not only help the reader to see what is happening but can likewise become a teaching tool for narrative writing.

Educational Studies The educational studies and research portion of my research project led me towards sources which provided me with not only studies where teachers experimented with the graphic novel use in the classroom, but reasons behind why they should be used in the first place.

Like Rice, I focused on articles and sources that would enhance my instruction and many of the resources I found will assist me in providing motivational and engaging learning activates for my students.

Romeo and juliet annotated biboliography

One reason I turned towards the graphic novel version of Romeo and Juliet is because it is a play that I remember as being difficult to read with all the markers for who is speaking and the stage directions.

The visual depictions of the sense and the speech bubbles allow students to read the text without the confusion of who is speaking because they will learn each character better through visual description.

Graphic novels are slowing inching their way into school curriculum, and although they are still not fully accepted by everyone because they are believed to be for slow learners, research is constantly proving this theory wrong.

Although struggling students and ELLs can profit from reading graphic novel forms of texts, there are other elements of the literature that are at times overlooked. Burgess 5 Graphic novels are a multiple literacy containing both visual literacy and textual literacy through illustrations which at times reflect textual symbolism.

Students can develop and build on their higher order thinking skills when reading graphic novels.

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The skills students can learn through the reading of graphic novels include but are not limited to enhanced language skills, such as spoken language and discourse markers, and narrative tenses Lewis.Romeo and Juliet Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for Romeo and Juliet is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his career about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.

Apr 20,  · The online form of this website lets you describe what you want your bibliography to be about (Romeo & Juliet), what format you want it to be in (MLA, APA, etc.), how many sources you want it to include, what TYPES of sources you wan it to include, and even more than Resolved.

LESSON 5: Elizabethan Research, Day 2 (Working on the Annotated Bibliography) LESSON 6: Romeo & Juliet, Act I, Scene I; LESSON 7: Ah, Love! Romeo's Words of Love and moving forward with Act I The sentences are based on Romeo and Juliet, and they come from the Caught Ya series by Jane Bell Kiester.

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