Salsa dance research paper

The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Conceived and designed the experiments: Received Oct 28; Accepted Jan Abstract Speculation exists whether dance provides physiological stimuli adequate to promote health and fitness benefits.

Salsa dance research paper

It examines the history associated with the emergence of this popular art. According to the literature, the Salsa started a long time ago in Cuba as a pastime activity but has since grown into a globally reknown type of dance.

In order to preserve this precious culture, the literature suggests that society must act a part. Educators, Salsa dance research paper and opinion leaders must be at the forefront promoting the salsa dance as one type of dance that continues to exemplify the moral values that the inventors intended to display in the dance.

Furthermore, institutions dealing with the youth must model and promote among the youth the salsa culture so that the young people can grow into romantically mature spouses. Finally, the literature recommends that dance as a whole should be redefined to make to eliminate the rampant idea of incorporating nudity and erotic scenes into the dance hall.

The Salsa Dance and its different Styles The Salsa Dance cannot be assigned to any particular country as the country of origin as it certainly has a varied ancestry. Nevertheless, much credit has been given to Cuba for the ancestry of this art because it is where the contributing cultural dances engaged it interactions that formed the roots of the salsa dance.

Indeed, it is in Cuba that the Country dance of England that was brought by the French who were fleeing from Haiti got mixed up with African Rhumba to give birth to the Salsa dance. Prior to this event there had been a considerable mix between the Spanish troubadour of Cuba and the African drumbeats to the extent that they were already perfectly danceable while holding a partner.

This kind of synchronization was not limited to England, Spain and Africa. As a matter of fact, it later on involved other cultures like that of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Columbia.

This clearly gives this type of dance a unique variety that is certainly uncommon in any other musical dances in the world. Robert John Storm, The contribution of these countries was quite considerable. This resulted from the fact that these countries had taken their music to the Mexico City during the famous era of Perez Prado for exhibition.

Salsa dance research paper

It is from here that similar exhibitions occurred to the New York City. Subsequently, a lot more of promotion activities and musical synchronizations occurred in the two cities leading to a general improvement in the commercial music. As a result the term "Salsa" was created in the New York City.

Yet still, at this moment the dance itself had not adopted the name Salsa as it still retained various name depending on the country of origin of the dancers.

Although originating from vast backgrounds, most of the music was subsequently incorporated in what became of "Salsa". For instance, new instrumentation was added into certain Colombian songs in New York so that New Yorkers could be comfortable dancing to the beat of the new song.

This kind of modification occurred elsewhere leading to the various versions of the Salsa dance styles when they finally got a definition. Essentially, the emergence of the salsa dance had a lot of bearing to the historical interaction of various countries and the economic exchanges that resulted from these interactions.

Cesar Miguel Rondon, The Puerto Rico style of dancing Salsa often involves the "One" or the "Two" rhythm of the salsa music. This style has a tremendous amount skilled footwork in it as compared to many other styles of the salsa dance. For instance, it puts more emphasis on footwork than does the New York style.

On the other hand, the New York style is generally said to have a strong influence of the Latin Hustle making it appear rather slow, clumsy and rather boring.

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Recently, however, much of footwork is finding its way into the New York style to the extent that it has become hard to determine whether they do more shines in the New York style than the Puerto Rican style or otherwise.Salsa dance club.

They used to go to ballroom dance classes at the same club some years ago. Because Salsa dancing has become so popular, Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help?

Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Subject: Salsa Essay Research Paper Salsa MusicSalsa Music alea=dice game], music in which elements traditionally determined by the composer are determined either by a process of random selection chosen by the composer or by the exercise of choice by the performer(s).

DANCE Research Methods II (3) McMains Focuses on designing an original research project, conducting research, and writing a scholarly paper suitable for publication in a juried journal or conference presentation. Practice in conference presentation.

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In the last decade, research on salsa in the United States has grown. Despite the body of scholarly work that exists on salsa music, explorations on salsa dance have been scarce.

This is curious, considering that salsa music and dance are so intimately tie. Journals from The Book Company. Whether choosing a journal from our journal collections, or having our team design a unique custom journal for you, The Book Company has .

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