The causes and effects of stress in the workplace

If not handled properly, the stress can become distress. For instance, research shows that night shifts in particular has a high possibility of negative impact towards the health of the employee. In relation to this, approximately 20 percent of night shift workers have experienced psycho-physiological dysfunctions, including heart diseases.

The causes and effects of stress in the workplace

Reduced costs to the employer Improved employee health and community wellbeing. Work-related stress is a management issue It is important for employers to recognise work-related stress as a significant health and safety issue.

A company can and should take steps to ensure that employees are not subjected to unnecessary stress, including: Ensure a safe working environment. Make sure that everyone is properly trained for their job.

De-stigmatise work-related stress by openly recognising it as a genuine problem. Discuss issues and grievances with employees, and take appropriate action when possible.

Devise a stress management policy in consultation with the employees. Encourage an environment where employees have more say over their duties, promotional prospects and safety.

The causes and effects of stress in the workplace

Organise to have a human resources manager. Cut down on the need for overtime by reorganising duties or employing extra staff. Take into account the personal lives of employees and recognise that the demands of home will sometimes clash with the demands of work. Seek advice from health professionals, if necessary.

What causes it, how to manage it and how to reduce it in the workforce. National Safety Council of Australia.

Stress affects us all. You may notice symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, during busy times at work, when managing your finances, or when coping with a challenging relationship. Stress. Everyone experiences stress differently and it can affect your mental and physical health in many different ways. Stress that you can tolerate helps you to stay focused, energetic, and alert. Health Worries. Fears over one’s own health or the wellbeing of a relative or friend are a common cause of stress. The experience of an illness, and the loss of control over events, can lead to persistent worry about both the current and possible future situations.

Victorian Workcover Authority,Stresswise — Preventing work-related stress: A guide for employers in the public sector 2nd ed. State Government of Victoria, Australia.Physiological or biological stress is an organism's response to a stressor such as an environmental condition.

Stress is the body's method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge or physical and psychological barrier. Stimuli that alter an organism's environment are responded to by multiple systems in the body. Index Causes and Cures of Stress in Organizations © , David S.

Walonick, Ph.D. Job stress in organizations is widespread. About half of all American workers feel. Identifying the causes of stress in your life is the first step in effective stress management.

After you’ve figured out what your stressors are, you can take steps to reduce or avoid them. You can also adopt healthy lifestyle habits . The effects of chronic stress. Your nervous system isn’t very good at distinguishing between emotional and physical threats.

The causes and effects of stress in the workplace

If you’re super stressed over an argument with a friend, a work deadline, or a mountain of bills, your body can react just as strongly as if you’re facing a true life-or-death situation. Get a Grip!: Overcoming Stress and Thriving in the Workplace [Bob Losyk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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