The mysterious election of 1800

The electoral college vote The Framers had viewed political parties with suspicion, but by the s party politics had taken root—and with it the interests of party organizations began to exert influence. In the Federalist Party supported John Adams for president, but it split its vote such that Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican candidate, earned the second greatest number of votes, thereby securing the post of vice president electors cast two ballots originally without designating a presidential or vice presidential choice. Adams thus governed during his presidency with the leader of the opposition as his vice president.

The mysterious election of 1800

The mysterious election of 1800

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The mysterious election of 1800

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Nick Flanagan The Revolution of was monumental in the development of the United States as a nation - Revolution of Dbq Essay introduction.

A banner from the Smithsonian collections lays out the stakes of Jefferson vs. Adams

It proved to other nations that the republican experiment began by the revolutionary idea of independence could not only thrive, but succeed. The Jeffersonian Republican Party, which, of course, supported Thomas Jefferson in the election of , was formed in opposition to the Federalists.

The Jeffersonians . The mysterious election of The election of was one of, if not, the most mysterious and most exciting presidential elections in the history of the United States.

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During the election of , Federalists cast Thomas Jefferson as an infidel because of his strict advocacy for the separation of Church and State.

The mysterious election of The election of was one of, if not, the most mysterious and most exciting presidential elections in the history of the United States.

The election was a great clash of powers between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans who believed the winner could possibly set the path of America’s government, possibly forever.

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