Thesis about database system

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Thesis about database system

Download BibTex Many modern database applications deal with large amounts of multidimensional data.

Thesis about database system

To be able to handle multidimensional data efficiently, we need access methods AMs to selectively access some data items in a large collection associatively.

We need multidimensional index structures: Most multidimensional index structures proposed so far do not scale beyond dimensional spaces and are hence not suitable for high dimensional spaces that arise in modern database applications like multimedia retrieval e.

A simple sequential scan through the entire dataset to answer the query is often faster than using a multidimensional index structure.

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To address the above need, we design and implement the hybrid tree, a multidimensional index structure that scales to high dimensional spaces. The hybrid tree combines the positive aspects of the two types of multidimensional index structures, namely data partitioning e.

Our experiments show that the hybrid tree scales well to high dimensionalities for real-life datasets. To achieve further scalability, we develop the local dimensionality reduction LDR technique to reduce the dimensionality of high dimensional data.

The reduced space can be indexed more effectively using a multidimensional index structure. LDR exploits local, as opposed to global, correlations in the data and hence can reduce dimensionality with significantly lower loss of distance information compared to global dimensionality reduction techniques.

This implies fewer false positives and hence significantly better search performance. Another challenge in multidimensional indexing is handling time-series data which constitutes a major portion of all financial, medical and scientific information.

APCA takes the idea of LDR one step further; it adapts locally to each time series object in the database and chooses the best reduced-representation for that object.

Thesis about database system

We show how the APCA representation can be indexed using a multidimensional index structure. Our experiments show that APCA outperforms the other techniques by one to two orders of magnitude in terms of search performance. We develop concurrency control techniques for multidimensional index structures.

Our solution, based on granular locking, offers a high degree of concurrency and has a low lock overhead. An alternate technique to handle huge data volumes and fast search time requirements in multidimensional datasets is approximate query answering.

We develop a wavelet-based approximate query answering tool for DSS data. Our technique constructs compact synopses comprising of wavelet coefficients of the relevant database tables and subsequently answers any SQL query by working exclusively on the compact synopses.

Our approach provides more accurate answers and faster response times compared to other approximate query answering techniques, namely random sampling and histograms, especially for high dimensional data.

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Despite the increasing application need, commercial database management systems DBMSs lag far behind in their support for multidimensional data. One of the main reasons is the lack of scalable and effective techniques to manage large amounts of multidimensional data residing inside the DBMS. We believe that the techniques developed in this thesis address that problem.

We hope that our solutions will encourage commercial database vendors to provide better support for multidimensional data in the future.Phd Thesis On Database Management System. phd thesis on database management system The normal period phd thesis in database management system of registration for the PhD in Law is three years full-time and six years part-time.

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