Wine tourism in champagne

Champagne is synonymous with France.

Wine tourism in champagne

Anthony Peregrine Dry January has crawled to an end, and thank heavens for that. It is time instead to talk of wine and, more specifically, wine tourism. Now the rest of the world is catching up. Naturally, wine tourism remains a niche for the cultivated.

The popularity of wine tours has soared by 30 per cent Credit: It is no longer the preserve of old buffers the colour of claret. On a recent tour to Bordeaux, we had a year-old couple alongside a fellow of Here be damn-near-ideal arrangements of mountains and hills, with vines rising up slopes and rolling towards villages and towns designed for mellow well-being.

And the thing is, precisely, that these are wine countries; have been, in the main, for centuries. Wine tourism furnishes a satisfactory supply of vintages — but so does Asda.

Wine tourism in champagne

The overwhelming advantage is that, like no other agricultural product, wine also acts as a passport to the heart of these lands, their culture and past, their food, festivals, jollity and people. Of course, some are pompous. A few are mad. After a tense dinner, I was once ejected from a French estate by an ex-army officer with a shotgun in the back of his Jeep.

But, in my experience, most are first-class, warm and welcoming. They give the wine a human story. At a glance The bluffer's guide to French wine Naturally, vignerons get carried away.

Wine is their life. They will conceive of it as the cornerstone of civilisation, catering to both material and spiritual needs. It does no harm and, although bonkers, is mainly sincere.

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You might do the same, especially as wine tourism is not only growing but constantly broadening its base. Essentially, anything which people do with the vineyards as a background counts.

You can concentrate on tasting and talk, or cycling and walking. It needs to be. Sincethe northern wine zone has been smacked by floods, an earthquake and, last October, devastating fires. Thankfully, though, not too many wineries were affected — pretty much everything in Napa is open and working.

We may travel the valley by the vintage Pullman wine train to St Helena, dining fine and stopping at wineries. We may also cycle, kayak the river or fly by balloon.

At a glance How to ship wine back home Or we may drive, pulling off to the V.Under Roman rule, Spanish wine was widely exported and traded throughout the Roman two largest wine producing regions at the time were Terraconensis (modern day Tarragona) in the north and Baetica (modern day Andalucia) in the this period more Spanish wine was exported into Gaul than Italian wine, with amphorae being found in ruins of Roman settlements in Normandy, .

About Champagne. Champagne is synonymous with celebration and the good life, and a trip to Champagne is a non-stop celebration of great wine and food. France Bubbles Tours provides fully inclusive tours in the Champagne region by local guides. It is the best and easiest way to discover the Champagne and taste the typical products of Champagne, such as its wines or food specialties.

The entries for stands and free pour placements are now open for the Glass of Bubbly International Champagne & Sparkling Wine Trade / Press Tasting and Summit. Of course, on our SmoothRed Champagne tours you’ll have plenty of chances to taste the region’s favourite export.

But beyond the châteaux you’ll also want to visit some of its most popular attractions too. Like the 13th century cathedral in the heart of romantic Reims.5/5(4). Champagne is like no other wine region in France. Although it is the ultimate in bottled glamour, it is doubtful if even most French people have much idea of how champagne is made – the almost.

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