Write a note on batch processing and real-time processing algorithm

History[ edit ] The term real-time derives from its use in early simulationin which a real-world process is simulated at a rate that matched that of the real process now called real-time simulation to avoid ambiguity. Analog computersmost often, were capable of simulating at a much faster pace than real-time, a situation that could be just as dangerous as a slow simulation if it were not also recognized and accounted for.

Write a note on batch processing and real-time processing algorithm

Operating System To avoid the problems of early systems the batch processing systems were introduced. The problem of early systems was more setup time. So the problem of more set up time was reduced by processing the jobs in batches, known as batch processing system.

In this approach similar jobs were submitted to the CPU for processing and were run together. The main function of a batch processing system is to automatically keep executing the jobs in a batch.

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This is the important task of a batch processing system i. This technique was possible due to the invention of hard-disk drives and card readers. Now the jobs could be stored on the disk to create the pool of jobs for its execution as a batch.

First the pooled jobs are read and executed by the batch monitor, and then these jobs are grouped; placing the identical jobs jobs with the similar needs in the same batch, So, in the batch processing system, the batched jobs were executed automatically one after another saving its time by performing the activities like loading of compiler only for once.

It resulted in improved system utilization due to reduced turn around time. In the early job processing systems, the jobs were placed in a job queue and the memory allocateor managed the primary memory space, when space was available in the main memory, a job was selected from the job queue and was loaded into memory.

Once the job loaded into primary memory, it competes for the processor. When the processor became available, the processor scheduler selects job that was loaded in the memory and execute it. In batch strategy is implemented to provide a batch file processing. So in this approach files of the similar batch are processed to speed up the task.

The deck of cards would be handed in to an operator who would collect such jobs from various users. In addition, these jobs were classified as 'long jobs' that required more processing time or short jobs which required a short processing time. Each set of jobs was considered as a batch and the processing would be done for a batch.

The output for each job would be separated and turned over to users in a collection area. So in this approach, files of the similar batch were processed to speed up the task. In this environment there was no interactivity and the users had no direct control.

So it resulted to the underutilization of CPU time. In batch processing system, earlier; the jobs were scheduled in the order of their arrival i.

Even though this scheduling method was easy and simple to implement but unfair for the situations where long jobs are queued ahead of the short jobs. To overcome this problem, another scheduling method named as 'Shortest Job First' was used. As memory management is concerned, the main memory was partitioned into two fixed partitions.

The lower end of this partition was assigned to the resident portion of the OS i. Whereas, the other partition higher end was assigned to the user programs.

Though, it was an improved technique in reducing the system setup time but still there were some limitations with this technique like as under-utilization of CPU time, non-interactivity of user with the running jobs etc. In batch processing system, the jobs of a batch were executed one after another.

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write a note on batch processing and real-time processing algorithm

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Writing Python Scripts for Processing Framework; Batch Processing using Processing Framework It contains a nice batch processing interface that allows one to execute an algorithm on several layers easily. Batch processing is a useful tool that can save manual effort and help you automate repetitive tasks.

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