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Line printers print an entire line of text at a time.

Zink paper

ZINK photo paper is waterproof, and tear- and smudge resistant, and adhesive-backed. ZINK Printing Technology The creators of the first completely new printing technology in nearly 30 years, ZINK continues to perfect the chemistry, electronics, and manufacturing process that . Get more out of your HP Zink photo printer with this two-pack. Each box contains 20 sheets of 2x3 photo paper with peel-and-stick backing, so you can continue to make memories and share them with the world. Get more out of your HP Zink photo printer with this two-pack. Each box contains 20 sheets of 2x3 photo paper with peel-and-stick backing, so you can continue to .

The local language is well-suited to the local person. You may now be wondering I never really heard the term while growing up, and neither did many of my fellow New Orleanians.

Zink paper

Many if not most New Orleanians will use a few, some or all of the terms below, but not all New Orleanians employ the truly hardcore local pronunciations. In a bit of double irony, not only is Tim Zink paper a local Bunny describes him as a "Yankee"but Bunny himself refuses to use the word "Yat" to describe either locals or their speech.

For those of you unfamiliar with New Orleans culture, a good place to start is that there are basically only two kinds of people in New Orleans. Another clue is that all skinny people are from Gatorland, although not all people from Gatorland are skinny.

And they often have 59 rows of Zink paper. The other kind of New Orleanian is Everyone Else, dose folks dat talk normal. Yat is actually much broader than this; it is a state of mind. Unlike the Gatorlander, who is always consumed with the particulars of trying to live the modern life, the Yat is convinced that modernity is a disaster.


Naturally enough then, the Yat feels most alive in the most disastrous of circumstances. The Great Flood of May 3, was the most exciting of recent times, at least until another Hurricane comes. Even Carnival is talked of by the Yat in the most matter-of-fact ways, only the abominations of tradition being noteworthy.

A few words on New Orleansese: For those who have never heard it, you must begin by imagining Brooklynese on Quaaludes.

Each neighborhood has its own input to the living language. But mostly, the local dialect is one of inflection. Strange question to ask when a little neutral observation reveals that 99 percent of native New Orleanians are both overweight and unpleasant to look at. In my phonetic spelling, the " " character will be used to represent the schwa, or neutral vowel sound represented in dictionaries and IPA as the upside-down "e".

The syllable of major stress will be capitalized, and the syllable of secondary stress will be preceded by an apostrophe. Also remember a general rule of thumb: New Orleanians tend to stress the first syllable of most words and place names.

There are also certain standard English words other than the articles and pronouns which are pronounced in very special ways in New Orleans, and these will also be included below. One major point of pronunciation with locals is to never pronounce words that end in "er" or "ing" as spelled. The "ing" words are always pronounced without the "g".

Award-winning filmakers Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker of the Center for New American Media have made an absolutely marvelous half-hour documentary film entitled "Yeah You Rite"which is a lively look at the at the unique language of New Orleans.

A very good friend of mine is a linguist, and has taught this film to his Intro to Linguistics students.

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If enough people ask, they might make it happen. Some locals say "Algereens", but we always said Algerians.

Usage fairly rare nowadays. BOO - A term of endearment, frequently used by parents and grandparents for small children, even small children who happen to be 40 years old Believed to be Cajun in origin.The world's thinnest portable photo printer prints shareable 23xinch photos on ZINK Zero Ink™ Technology paper The rechargeable, 74 V, mAh battery lets you print on-the-go Bluetooth® 40 technology lets you and others connect and print.

A Lexicon of New Orleans Speech ALGERIAN - Someone from Algiers (the only part of the City of New Orleans to lie on the West Bank). Some locals say "Algereens", but we always said Algerians. Print, display, and relive life's moments.

Decorate your space with your favorite social media photos. Print from your smartphone or tablet with HP’s app and stickable 4 x 5-inch paper for snapshots you can stick and remove easily. Zink (stylised as ZINK), a portmanteau of "zero ink," is a full-color printing technology for digital devices that does not require ink cartridges and prints in a single pass.

The printing technology and its thermal paper are developed by Zink Holdings LLC, a US company, with offices in Edison, NJ and Billerica, MA and a manufacturing facility.

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